Do You Have A Domain Name Strategy?

Businesses large and small, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. all put a lot of time and resources into developing their branding and marketing strategies, but even now, decades after the Internet has proved to be a profitable marketplace for all manner of … Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to O`Bannon’s Leap! It seems like everybody always deletes the initial “Hello World” posting created with a new installation of WordPress, but I thought why do that? Is there any better way to launch a blog, which is a social site by its nature, than to say hello and introduce myself?… Read More

How To Find A Good Brandable Domain Name

Whether for a business site, a hobby site, or some other form of web application the trend in recent times has been away from keyword-based domains to using a brandable domain name. Keyword-based domains were always “clunky” and never a … Read More